*CANCELLED* Droneburg Festival „Hamburg is Droneburg“ presents: Mares of Diomedes, Father Sky Mother Earth
26. September 2017
Hamburg, Germany
Astra Stube
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Droneburg Festival „Hamburg is Droneburg“ presents:
Mares of Diomedes + Father Sky Mother Earth

Doors: 8 pm
AK: 9€

Very, heavey duo Mares Of Diomedes, from Ireland are coming to town. Check them out and come to the Astra Stube Musikkultur e.V., to see the how. The support is a Hamburg based duo Father Sky Mother Earth. Drone doom: Guitar and bass. Check them out here.

Mares of Diomedes are a two piece from Ireland consisting of two brothers who started the band in 2014. Following their EP release, they will release a new split record with Copenhagen based purveyors of bleak doom Dreich. The split consists of two tracks from due Mares of Diomedes and three tracks from the juggernaut known as Dreich. The split is definitely a must-have for any fans of doom, fuzz or sludge metal. Heavy Earth Records

Father Sky Mother Earth has released two monumental meditative albums since the beginning in autumn 2016. „Across the River of Time“ is an atmospheric journey through your own universe. Dark, intense and ecstatic: The Drone Doom Duo let’s you forget space and time.

Information taken from the Astra Stube website